Frequently Asked Questions

Miscellaneous Questions & Answers
  1. Can I submit my site to Search Engines?
    Absolutely! In fact, there is a handy little tool in your Control Panel that will allow you to submit your site to several of the major search engines and directories. Plus, you can use the Self-Promotion site in our Free Web Tools to sumit to even more sites and directories.

  2. May I use SSI on my pages?
    Yes. SSI (Server Side Includes) are supported by our servers.

  3. Are .htaccess files allowed?
    Yes. You can create password protection through your Control Panel for any directory (folder). You can provide a single Password/userID, or a separate one for each individual user.

  4. How can I get my Password and/or UserID?
    Send us an email with your request--including the email address you used when you originally registered your hosting with us.

  5. Do you offer WebDesign?
    No, but WebDesign is available through our sister site at, or, if you prefer to do it yourself in an All-in-One System, click here to learn more about how to manage it all in one place - and online - without having to learn HTML or any coding!!

  6. What kinds of sites/content are not allowed on my website?
    We do not allow any pornographic content, hate sites or illegal content on our server. This includes, but is not limited to nude photographs, explicit language, warez, illegal mp3 files. For a more complete description, read our Terms of Service. If we find you have published inappropriate content, we will remove your site, and any monies paid will be forfeited.

    We also do not allow spamming from our servers. This is another way to lose your site with us and forfeit any fees you may have already paid.

  7. Are FrontPage Extensions available?
    Yes. Simply let us know if you need FrontPage to be enabled on your site.

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