Control Panel Tools

Each account includes a control panel that gives you many different ways to manage your site the way you want to. Making changes to your site or creating additional email addresses is as simple as few mouseclicks. Plus, you get lots of extras that come in handy for "power users".

Our control panel eliminates the need to have extensive technical knowledge in order to manage a server. It empowers you to manage all your online business needs.

Here are some of the great tools you get:

~~~Email Tools~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Web Mail. Read your email from any browser, or from your email program. It's up to you. Check your mail any time you're near a computer.

Add/Remove Accounts. Add, remove and adjust POP accounts.

Default Address. Decide where do you want your unrouted email to go. Use this as the "catchall" account, send email without a correct address into a "blackhole", or capture all of it in one place.

AutoResponders. All accounts have the ability to create unlimited autoresponse messages depending on the email address mailed to.

Block an email. Get rid of spam or email that you no longer want to receive.

Forwarders. Unlimited ability to forward your email to any address.

Lists. Create email lists to manage your contacts. Correspond with your customers, or create interactive lists for clients to talk with each other.

~~~Account Settings~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

FTP Manager. Manage the uploading to your account through this section. Add accounts for your webdesigner or others who need to work with your system.

Sub Domains. If this is enabled, you can set up sub domains with this tool. Create special sections such as

Error Pages. Create pages that market your services, or otherwise reflect your style. You can create any or all of the following:

        • 401 Authorization Required
        • 403 Forbidden
        • 404 Wrong Page
        • 500 Internal Server Error

~~~Access Menu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

File Manager. Use this utility to upload files, delete, rename, change file permissions, move, copy or delete files or directories, without FTP.

Web Protect. Protect any directory(folder) with a password and user ID - create one password for multiple users, or several - each one individually for all your users.

Raw Access Log. A downloadable file so you can research who is visiting - and where.


Backup. Download your site for archiving and restore again whenever needed!!


SSL Shell / Telnet. If you understand and need this, here it is. 


~~~Advanced Menu~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
These are available, use the ones that you need
and understand

SQL Database


Cron Jobs


Mime Types


Apache Handlers



Web / FTP Stats. Want to know more about the visitors to your site? Here's the information you need that gives you several ways of looking at your information.

Chat Room. Set up your own place for people to chat with each other.


Error Log. Having a problem with images or links? Need help discovering why a CGI script isn't working properly? Use the information recorded here to understand where the fix is needed.

CGI Center. Here are several scripts that are automatically included with every account:

  • Simple CGI Wrapper. Allows you to run CGI scripts with your user ID.

  • Random HTML. Create a list and insert it into an SSI enabled page. You can use this for "Quote of the Day" and other similar uses. 

  • GuestBook.

  • Counter. Useful when you wnt ot keep count of the number of visitors to your site. 

  • Clock. Java-based clock for your visitors.

  • Countdown. Use this script to create a countdown to a specific date.

  • CGI Email. Creates email output from your forms.

  • FormMail Clone. This is a clone of the popular FormMail script by Matt Wright. 

  • Entropy Search. Set up a search engine for your site.

  • Entropy Banner. Create rotating banner ads with this script. Useful if you'd like to sell ads on your site.

Network Tools.Several useful tools that help you identify domain owners and find out how fast routing to your site is.

Shopping Cart. If you have products or services, use for your ecommerce needs. If you need a merchant account, click here.

Search Engine Submission. Once you get your site designed, this is an easy way to submit your website to several search engines and directories.

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