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This unique All-In-One Web hosting system of tools makes it quick and easy for anyone (from savvy pro to complete newbie) to build a professional, popular, and profitable Web site.

Here's what you get with this plan:

Domain Name Registration
You choose your domain name. We register it for you (in your name).
Web Site Hosting
Top-quality Web hosting and e-mail (including catchall and redirects) for a full year is included, naturally.
Brainstorming and Researching
Use highly sophisticated tools to brainstorm and cherry-pick highly profitable topics (i.e., topics that attract motivated, targeted traffic) for your site (reduces hours of manual research to mere clicks.)
Point-and-Click Site-Building
Create a site with your own custom look and feel and navigation (or choose from professional templates). Then use point-and-click site-building tools to generate content that people want! (If you can stack blocks, you can build a site -- no html, cgi, perl, ftp, or javascript knowledge needed.)
Search Engine Optimization
Analyze your pages and understand how to optimize them to obtain high Search Engine ranking, which yields substantial free traffic.
Automatic Search Engine Submission... and Re-submission
This plan 'hand-submits" to all the major engines. Then it tracks and reports on spider visits, index-listing, and finally Search Engine ranking. Automatically re-submits (within Search Engine tolerances, of course.)
Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Research and Mass-Bidding
Make each comprehensive pay-per-click traffic-building campaign a snap (a click, actually), instead of the mind-numbing tedious affair that it normally is.
Traffic Stats and Click Analysis
Traffic stats are a must... a standard part of any Web hosting. Our stats are distilled into an easy-to-understand, useful, and actionable format.
New! E-zine (Electronic Newsletter) Subscription and Delivery
Deliver great content to subscribers through your own theme-related e-zine (it's easy, with the point-and-click HTML builder and automatic text translator for subscribers who can't read HTML)...
  • It builds TRUST.
  • It credentializes you.
  • It develops a sense of "owing" in your subscribers.
And it ultimately causes them to pick up the phone or e-mail you with that first offer to try your services.
New! Powerful Graphic Tools
(LogoCreator and NavBar Maker)

Build your own totally custom, polished, and professional...
  • site logos
  • left-margin navigational button bars ("navbars')
  • Web page templates
... and that's without the PhotoShop learning curve!.
Step-by-Step Action Guide and Guru-in-your-ear Help
It's literally like having the world's top Internet guru helping you every step of the way, leading you, clearly and cleanly, all the way to where you need to go!

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All-In-One (SBI) Plan

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$12.50/Mo Internet
$12.95/Yr Domains
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 • Merchant Account
 • Affiliate/AutoResponder
 • 3.9¢ Long Distance

Order Your Own Domain -$12.95/year
.com .net .org .1234 .biz

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